We Do Your Due Diligence and Keep You Out of Trouble!

Whenever a landlord has an upcoming turnover, it can be stressful with money going out on turnover costs and no rental income during a vacancy.  Sometimes that stress can lead to hasty decisions.  But don’t let that stress override your good judgment to properly screen your tenants.  At Seattle Rental Group, we have a system in place for tenant screening and approval to ensure you are making the right decisions.

Finding great tenants takes some work, but with  due diligence up front, you will save time and money in the future. Here are a few things to consider:

1. Hire Seattle Rental Group.
SRG provides a plan from start to move in.  We set up all marketing and provide various avenues for potential tenants to submit applications (online or in person).  We contract with a 3rd party that conducts the full credit, criminal and eviction check on each adult applicant.  Previous landlords are also contacted for positive references. Case by case, we will follow up with pay stubs or employment verification when needed.

2. Make sure you know all the Fair Housing rules – We do!
All SRG Leasing Specialists are well educated in Fair Housing Laws and treat all applicants accordingly.  We have a plan in place for handling multiple applications should we have more than one party submit applications at the same time.  And as sales agents, we are experts in communication.  We let applicants know application requirements, expectations and the application process up front.  A key part of closing the deal is letting applicants know when they will hear back from us.  No need for qualified tenants to continue looking if we can secure them for your rental property!

3. Trust our experience
There are many scams out there in the rental market, preying on both tenants and landlords.  As experienced leasing agents, we use Craigslist often.  We periodically check that no one has copied your ad to scam potential renters.  We recognize when prospective renters respond to an ad but are trying to gather personal information about us or an owner.  When showing a unit, SRG Agents engage the prospect in conversation prior to meeting – capturing information such as name, phone number and email address.  We recognize when something just isn’t right and we know when to listen to our instincts.  Your home, whether occupied or vacant, is in good hands with SRG.

Seattle Rental Group can help you find a qualified tenant for your property to protect your investment.

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