Zygna Will Be Moving to Pioneer Square!

Zygna, the creator of popular social games such as FarmVille and Mafia Wars, will be moving into a new engineering center in Downtown Seattle. The company, which has experienced explosive growth in the last year, will be moving into their new Pioneer Square home sometime in the next two months.

The location was chosen to accommodate the growth Zygna is expecting as they continue looking for top engineers and developers to join their team.

The story was first covered by GeekWire here and contains more information.

Last-Minute Switch at the Gallery to Buy-Now Event Sells 8 Units

Last week The Gallery announced they were switching from the planned auction of the remaining units to a special Buy Now Event. The announcement came the day before the auction.

According to a press release, the change was due to the large number of first-time home buyers who would face greater difficulties buying in an auction format.

What was the result of this switch? Eight units were sold at an average of 12% below the listing price. That means there are 35 units still available at the Gallery.

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For more information, look here.