Seattle's Ever-Changing Rental Market

Seattle’s rental market is a dynamic entity that is constantly evolving. Here are a few updates on local changes:

-Plans have been filed by a company from Vancouver, B.C. to build a six-story mix-use building in lower Queen Anne. The building will feature units above commercial space. More here.

-MSN featured an article about the transformation of Seattle’s Columbia City neighborhood. The article highlighted the revitalization of the area by the influx of artists and other people drawn by the classic homes at cheap rates. Now note-worthy restaurants and charming boutiques are common place and Columbia City has transitioned from down-&-out to up-&-coming.

-Local blog CHS recently wrote an article about how being close to public transportation can protect home values against the drop off in real estate prices. That’s good news for properties on Capitol Hill close to the construction site of the new light rail station.

Did we miss something? Is there new information you would like us to write about? Tell us in the comments below, on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll discuss it!

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